Crypto made fun with gaming and earning simultaneously!

Get your passive income on track through this fun crypto gaming channel!

Why Choose BGVT?

High ranked

We are ranked 900th
by Coingecko.

Certik audited

We have been Audited by Certik, Coinscope.

Locked huge liquidity

We have locked 4 million$ liquidity at Pancake for Decades.

Most viewed by users

We have been the most viewed and trending crypto at Coinmarketcap.

Work on Gaming Platform

We are working on a Game that will give huge rewards without topping up

What is Bit Game Verse (BGV)?

Bit Game Verse is the trending crypto channel which enables earning through different gaming channels. It is a peer to peer marketplace , where transactions take place directly between the crypto traders.

BGV, as the name suggests, encompasses the popular "money heist" concept in the gaming pool with all the fun characters and the super feel! The characters of "Professor, Tokyo, Berlin and more" are going to help you in completing the tasks assigned in the central bank and points are awarded in terms of cryptocurrency on the same platform. The DEX run portal would not let you down and ensures to fulfil crypto's one core possibility of fostering transactions which are not officiated by banks, brokers, or any other intermediary. All the clients could earn in a way that instead of matching buy orders and sell orders, the smart contracts of these decentralized exchanges use pre-funded pools of assets known as liquidity pools. The pools are funded by other users who are then entitled to the transaction fee that the protocol charges for executing trades on that pair. There's no involvement of system in the whole transaction process, everything is directly linked among the users.


Benefits of Token Holder

BGV is a very popular token with a huge user base on the BGV ecosystem. Trading BGV token on our platform enhances your profile and allows you to earn more profits and extra earnings. BGV token ensures safe transactions as it is linked to an entire ecosystem of BGV. By choosing it for additional gaming forums, you can make more and more out of it!

1% from trading fee

From every transaction on BGV, 50% is used for purchasing BGV token from market and burning it

Unregistered referrals

All the rewards from unregistered accounts are used to burn BGV token weekly.

Adequate performance fee

It is subtracted automatically from each harvest in the BGV pool and burned on a weekly basis

Lottery tickets

A percentage is always allotted to the weekly basis which is then burned

Liquidity provider fee

Receive 1% from every transaction happening at BGV platform

BGV gaming

Play for favourite game on the gaming channel and earn BGV tokens

BGV Tokenomics


Total Supply

55,709,091,502 BGV

  • Private sale12.5%
  • Pre sale37.5%
  • Staking25%
  • Game rewards12.5%
  • CEX Listing6.25%
  • Development6.25%

Tokenomics of BGVT after 20% BURN

Sell Tax

  • 1%of each transaction added to liquidity pool
  • 1%of each transaction redistributed to holders
  • 1%Marketing

BG Verse Roadmap

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